Paid Marketing

Transform Your Ad Spend into Growth

Optimize every ad euro with North&.

Elevate your campaigns for maximum engagement and conversion, ensuring your budget is not just spent, but invested

Components of our

Paid Marketing


We have helped brands, big and small, to delivery over 100M+ in Acquisition spent, sustainably.

Campaign Management

Maximise Impact and Optimize Spend

Elevate your digital ad campaigns with our expert management across key platforms.

We ensure optimal reach and efficiency, driving meaningful engagement and conversions.

  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads (Meta, Linkedin, Tiktok, etc)
  • Display Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Retargeting

Reveal Issues and Get Insights Quickly

Gain actionable insights from our comprehensive audits.

We scrutinize your paid marketing strategies to uncover inefficiencies and recommend targeted improvements for higher ROI.

  • Bronze Audit - Rapid Insights
  • Silver Audit - In-depth Review
  • Gold Audit - Full Package
Strategic Supervision

Strategic Analytics for Precision Insights

Strengthen your marketing strategy with our supervision. By providing expert oversight, we align efforts with your business objectives, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced growth.

  • Tag Management
  • Website and Conversion Tracking
  • Unified Data Sources
  • Insightful Decision Framework
  • Custom Data Collection Setup
Focus on our Audit Offers

Rather than just setting up campaigns, we dive deep into your business narrative, creating strategies that align with your vision. We aim for growth that's sustainable, meaningful, and anchored to your mission.


Evaluate how efficient your Paid Marketing initiatives are

Starts at
What you get
Everything in Bronze:
  • A Grade of your account
  • An Optimization Score
  • A 2-page document with key takeaways

Get an in-depth understanding of your Paid Marketing performance

Starts at
What you get
Everything in Bronze, plus:
  • Quick fixes
  • Detailed missed opportunities
  • A synthetic card with grades
  • Review of your Conversion Actions
  • A 5 to 6-page doc for recommendations & action plan per platform
  • 1h kick-off and restitution meetings
  • Deep-dive into Paid Marketing Components

Get all you need tobuild your future growth

Starts at
What you get
Everything in Silver, plus:
  • Deep-dive into your back office data
  • Full-Funnel performance assessment including LTV and CRM analysis
  • User Journey Assessment
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Budget Delivery Insights
  • Comprehensive audit report, customized dashboards, and actionable strategies
  • Multiple touchpoints during audit-phase and a 2-h restitution meeting
Our Approach

Our approach is meticulously crafted to ensure your marketing investments yield the highest returns, focusing on measurable growth and strategic advantage in a competitive landscape.

Precision Analysis & Data Integration

Our process begins with a granular analysis of your marketing data, integrating first-party data to unveil precise insights about your audience and performance.

This foundational step ensures our strategies are data-informed, personalized, and laser-focused on areas with the highest growth potential.

Incrementality-Driven Strategy

We prioritize incrementality to ensure that your marketing spend directly contributes to new growth, rather than just redistributing existing successes.

By distinguishing between incremental and non-incremental traffic, we allocate your budget more effectively, aiming for the highest possible ROI

Strategic Segmentation

Segmentation is key in our approach, enabling precise targeting for tailored messages that boost engagement and conversions.

This strategy enhances ROI and fuels smarter, data-informed decisions, ensuring optimal campaign effectiveness.

Transparent Collaboration and Reporting

Transparency underpins our collaborative approach..

We provide clear, actionable insights and detailed reporting, fostering an environment of trust and mutual respect, where informed decisions lead to shared success.I

For the past 3 years, Mathieu has been managing the Psychologies Group's FB and Adwords subscription and diversification campaigns. His skills and sound recommendations enable us to optimize our campaigns and marketing budgets. We're all delighted with this collaboration.

Sibylle de Faucamberge
Executive Director @Groupe Psychologies

Mathieu brought his experience and expertise to our SEA campaigns. The results were quickly felt and the collaboration was based on trust.

Raphaël Chabaud
Ex-Responsable Marketing France @ Teamleader

Mathieu supports us in SEA to increase the acquisition potential of our campaigns in our 4 markets: France, Italy, Spain and Germany. His experience has helped us structure our Google and Bing accounts, adopt best practices and challenge our results. In just one year, this collaboration enabled us to double our SEA conversion volumes, while keeping acquisition costs under control.

Clémence Fredenucci
Paid Acquisition Manager @Qonto

Mathieu's contribution to our acquisition strategy, and more particularly to AdWords, was decisive. He also set up real-time activity monitoring tools and dashboards for our KPIs, which have become essential to us on a daily basis. We are delighted that Mathieu continues to support our growth!

Amalia Bercot
Ex-CMO @ Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)