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In a digital landscape that's more complex than ever, we want to help you build the Control Tower of your Acquisition.

With a track record of scaling startups and optimizing multi-million dollar ad spends, we bring deep expertise to your unique challenges. We don't just manage campaigns; we transform your data into strategic assets, empowering you to achieve your distinct business objectives.

Our mission? To demystify the digital ecosystem, helping you make smarter, data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.

Our Story

During our 4 years of collaboration at Brevo, we discovered a shared passion for performance. Engrossed in strategic discussions that often stretched for hours, we delved into the intricacies of campaign performance, making sense of data and seeking paths to enhance our spent in acquisition, especially on PPC strategies.

Our fascination with dissecting data and our ability to internalize it mirrored the meticulous pre-flight checks of two co-pilots, ensuring every aspect was fine-tuned for take-off. Neither of us would start our days without checking performance dashboards. This ceaseless process of examination turned challenges into opportunities. Mathieu's analytical precision harmonized with Gaurav's optimistic exploration, resulting in a dynamic partnership that thrived on diverse expertise.

The seed for North& was planted following a joint mission post our Brevo chapter. Our harmonious collaboration resurfaced, underscoring the undeniable synergy between us and showcasing our combined strengths as the catalyst for growth. We believe that our joint expertise could be extremely complementary and efficient in providing consulting services.

With North&, we aspire to share best practices, drawing from our 20 years of combined experience and our fervor for data-driven decision-making processes. We aim to equip businesses with the tools and dashboards that will help them make the most of their marketing budgets. Brevo, a company spanning both France and India, left an indelible mark on us. This extraordinary success story continues to inspire us, shaping the foundation upon which North& stands poised to build its future.

Our Core Values

At North&, we are not just about digital solutions. We are about values that guide every solution we craft.


Marketing leaders strive to build high-performing internal teams, and we understand the importance of preserving their vision. Our approach to collaboration is not about overshadowing existing dynamics; rather, we see ourselves as an integrated force that enhances the team's capabilities. Think of us as the 'booster shot' that accelerates growth and facilitates rapid learning for your teams.

Holistic Vision

In a world of 'best practices', we recognize the risk of becoming average. While we remain ahead of the curve with best-in-class strategies, we pride ourselves on our adaptive mindset. We customize strategies that not only align with your needs but also set you apart from the competition. For us, paid acquisition isn't just a service, it's your ticket to stand out in your go-to-market approach.

Meticulous Approach

Details matter, especially in a world overflowing with data. Our approach is rooted in meticulous analysis, hunting down every opportunity and potential path to amplify your ROI. With real-time dashboards and a focus on the KPIs that truly matter, we eliminate biases and fast-track your growth trajectory.

Transparency & Honesty

For us, honesty isn't just a policy, it's a commitment. We maintain unwavering intellectual honesty in our relationships. Every decision, and every move is transparent, helping build a trustful foundation with our clients. From regular progress updates to detailed insights, we ensure you're always in the know, offering a clear vision of both the successes and the challenges ahead.

Our Background
Mathieu Ceccarelli
Ex-Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue), SEA Influencer

Mathieu Ceccarelli began his career in financial markets before making the transition to the digital marketing sector in 2013. Driven by a passion for data analysis, he joined Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) in 2014, assuming a pivotal role in planning and overseeing Search Ads campaigns. Initially as a full-time employee and later as a consultant, he witnessed the remarkable growth of the company from a team of 15 to a workforce of 400. During this journey, marketing budgets surged from 10K€ per month to a staggering 1M€, establishing SEA as a potent growth engine.

Subsequently, he has been helping French Tech players and major corporations amplify their paid customer acquisition efforts and develop sustainable strategies for over 10 years. His portfolio includes 80+ companies including successful startups such as Qonto, Brevo (ex-Sendinblue), Cityscoot, Ankorstore, Ringover, Le Cab, Bankin or Teamleader. Over the years, he has expertly managed more than 100M€ on the Google Ads platform.

Mathieu Ceccarelli is an active influencer within the SEA industry, advocating for transparency and precision targeting so that companies can accurately optimize their performance.

His mission is clear: Construct scalable paid acquisition strategies aimed at empowering founders to navigate their businesses toward sustainable success. He is also the creator of the podcast, La Refuge, where he engages in in-depth discussions on customer acquisition with founders, entrepreneurs, and growth enthusiasts.

  • Performance Marketing and Google Ads Management
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

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Gaurav Arora - Founder Profile Picture
Gaurav Arora
Ex-Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue), Ex-Rocket Internet.
Essec Business School Alumnus

Gaurav Arora embarked on his journey in the digital landscape with a solid foundation laid during his MSc in Management from ESSEC Business School, Paris in 2018.

He completed enriching internships at Rocket Internet, Paris, and at Bain & Company, Delhi allowing him to gain a fresh perspective on both growth and strategy.

The cornerstone of his career was sculpted at Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, where he spent around four transformative years. He played a key role in helping the company navigate an acquisition downturn in 2018, spearheading revenue-driven optimizations that helped pave the way for a rapid acceleration phase too. His knack for aligning acquisition strategies with business goals also paved the way for Acquisition expansion in core business units like the US and Brazil. His entrepreneurial spirit also led him to co-found Reviewflowz, a SaaS venture.

In 2023, a mission at Ringover reconnected Gaurav with Mathieu Ceccarelli, setting the stage for a collaborative venture grounded on a rich history of shared experiences and aligned visions. Thus, North& was born, embodying their combined expertise and shared passion for steering businesses towards sustainable growth paths through data-driven insights.

  • Marketing Fund Management
  • Optimising Acquisition Funnel and Conversion Rates
  • Data Analytics

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For the past 3 years, Mathieu has been managing the Psychologies Group's FB and Adwords subscription and diversification campaigns. His skills and sound recommendations enable us to optimize our campaigns and marketing budgets. We're all delighted with this collaboration.

Sibylle de Faucamberge
Executive Director @Groupe Psychologies

Mathieu brought his experience and expertise to our SEA campaigns. The results were quickly felt and the collaboration was based on trust.

Raphaël Chabaud
Ex-Responsable Marketing France @ Teamleader

Mathieu supports us in SEA to increase the acquisition potential of our campaigns in our 4 markets: France, Italy, Spain and Germany. His experience has helped us structure our Google and Bing accounts, adopt best practices and challenge our results. In just one year, this collaboration enabled us to double our SEA conversion volumes, while keeping acquisition costs under control.

Clémence Fredenucci
Paid Acquisition Manager @Qonto

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