Data Marketing

Make Data Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset

Our meticulous approach will allow you to work on clean and reliable data while building a pragmatic framework to understand what you can expect from each click you buy.

Focus on our Audit Offers

Rather than just setting up campaigns, we dive deep into your business narrative, creating strategies that align with your vision. We aim for growth that's sustainable, meaningful, and anchored to your mission.


Evaluate how efficient your Paid Marketing initiatives are

Starts at
What you get
Everything in Bronze:
  • A Grade of your account
  • An Optimization Score
  • A 2-page document with key takeaways

Get an in-depth understanding of your Paid Marketing performance

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What you get
Everything in Bronze, plus:
  • Quick fixes
  • Detailed missed opportunities
  • A synthetic card with grades
  • Review of your Conversion Actions
  • A 5 to 6-page doc for recommendations & action plan per platform
  • 1h kick-off and restitution meetings
  • Deep-dive into Paid Marketing Components

Get all you need tobuild your future growth

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What you get
Everything in Silver, plus:
  • Deep-dive into your back office data
  • Full-Funnel performance assessment including LTV and CRM analysis
  • User Journey Assessment
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Budget Delivery Insights
  • Comprehensive audit report, customized dashboards, and actionable strategies
  • Multiple touchpoints during audit-phase and a 2-h restitution meeting

Components of our

Data Marketing


Our proven methods and data missions have simplified past challenges, enabling quick, informed decisions and revealing growth, fostering a culture of data evangelism.

Data Integration

Seamless Data Integration & Tracking

Streamline your marketing efforts with our comprehensive data integration services.

We ensure seamless synchronization of your CRM, website, and campaign data, enabling a unified view that enhances tracking and analysis. Benefit from a cohesive data ecosystem that powers informed strategic decisions.

  • Website and Conversion Tracking
  • Integration of CRM Data with Campaigns
  • Matching of Business Data with Acquisition
  • Tag-Management
  • Analytics Set-up
Marketing Analysis

Gain Deeper Insights, Make Smarter Decisions

Delve into the core of your marketing efforts with our comprehensive analysis.

Understand the real impact of your campaigns, uncover customer behavior insights, and identify areas for optimization. We empower you to make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive your marketing success.

  • Incrementality and Clear Impact Assessment
  • Detailed Performance Insights
  • Competitor Acquisition Strategy Analysis
  • CRM Analysis for LTV and Segmentation
Data Visualization

Transform Data into Strategic Insights

Elevate your strategy with our data visualization service, designed to convert complex datasets into clear, actionable insights. Through intuitive dashboards and reports, we make it easier for you to spot opportunities, track performance, and drive growth with data at your fingertips.

  • CMO Dashboards / Marketing Team Dashboards
  • KPI Setting
  • Data Evangalism
  • Decision Framework
Our Approach

We do goal-driven missions to forge clear connection between revenues and clicks.

Our focus is on actionable strategies that precisely align with your organizational objectives, ensuring each decision is informed and value-driven.

Precision and Clarity in Data Analysis

Guided by our belief in the power of incrementality and the critical role of first-party data, we delve into your data with  precision.

Our analysis process is designed to uncover strategic insights, enabling clear visibility into patterns, trends, and untapped opportunities.

This meticulous approach allows for a nuanced understanding of your market and audience.

Insight-Driven Marketing

Our deep dive into data generates a roadmap for strategic marketing innovation.We turn complex data into actionable strategies.

These insights guide your marketing endeavors, ensuring they are both effective and efficient, maximizing impact while optimizing spend

Seamless System Integration

We prioritize the holistic integration of data tools and platforms with your existing infrastructure.

This approach not only simplifies data management but also amplifies its value.

By ensuring a seamless flow of information, we empower your teams with a 360-degree view of your marketing performance, enhancing agility and responsiveness.

Collaborative Growth Journey

We partner with you in a journey of mutual growth and learning, integrating seamlessly with your team and processes.

Our goal is to empower you with the insights and strategies to move forward.

We view our partnership with clients as a shared journey towards growth and excellence.

For the past 3 years, Mathieu has been managing the Psychologies Group's FB and Adwords subscription and diversification campaigns. His skills and sound recommendations enable us to optimize our campaigns and marketing budgets. We're all delighted with this collaboration.

Sibylle de Faucamberge
Executive Director @Groupe Psychologies

Mathieu brought his experience and expertise to our SEA campaigns. The results were quickly felt and the collaboration was based on trust.

Raphaël Chabaud
Ex-Responsable Marketing France @ Teamleader

Mathieu supports us in SEA to increase the acquisition potential of our campaigns in our 4 markets: France, Italy, Spain and Germany. His experience has helped us structure our Google and Bing accounts, adopt best practices and challenge our results. In just one year, this collaboration enabled us to double our SEA conversion volumes, while keeping acquisition costs under control.

Clémence Fredenucci
Paid Acquisition Manager @Qonto

Mathieu's contribution to our acquisition strategy, and more particularly to AdWords, was decisive. He also set up real-time activity monitoring tools and dashboards for our KPIs, which have become essential to us on a daily basis. We are delighted that Mathieu continues to support our growth!

Amalia Bercot
Ex-CMO @ Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)